New Screenshots and Gameplay Video for Demon Gaze

Fans of dungeon crawling RPGs are sure to find a lot to love in the upcoming PlayStation Vita exclusive, Demon Gaze.

Demon Gaze puts players in the shoes of Oz, a young man who finds himself in a strange, cursed land called Misred. Oz’s new surroundings are filled with labyrinths to explore and trials to overcome, leading him to do his best to uncover the secrets of his past as he searches for fortunes.

Demon Gaze builds upon the successful first person dungeon crawling genre and adds a wealth of additional features, making it the definitive game for RPG fans with a PlayStation Vita.

Publisher NIS America has unveiled an official release date of April 22, 2014 for Demon Gaze, as well as a gameplay trailer and new screenshots.

The trailer gives some insight into what to expect from Demon Gaze’s battle system. The player will be able to pick actions for Oz and his companions, allowing for varied strategies each turn in order to overcome your enemies.

Head below for the full trailer, as well as the brand new Demon Gaze screenshots.

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