New Screenshots Detail Infinite Crisis’ Sinestro

And artwork to boot.

Infinite Crisis, the yet-to-be-released MOBA from Turbine and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, has done a wonderful job at keeping fans of the vast DC universe happy and engaged with each and every tidbit of news regarding the game released.

Today brings screenshots and a trailer of the newest character coming to Infinite Crisis, Sinestro.

Sinestro was the former mentor of Hal Jordan until he was exposed for his wicked use of fear to corrupt his enemies, earning Sinestro banishment into the outer depths of space. There, his power became so great that Sinetro was able to control even Parallax; the token of fear itself.

Sinestro is set to be playable on Wednesday, May 21 during Infinite Crisis’ open beta. The first official Sinestro screenshots can be found in the gallery below.


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