New Star Wars: Episode IX Set Photo Shows Finn, Poe, and Chewbacca in a Grassy Location

If you’re trying to avoid all things Star Wars: Episode IX, then you shouldn’t click on posts like this, but just in case you did it on accident, I wouldn’t look much further down this page, because a new batch of leaked Episode IX set photos has been released. I’ll throw up a random pic as a buffer, but this is your final warning.

Anyway, a new shot featuring Finn, Poe, Chewbacca, and two other unknown characters has been leaked from a set being used for Star Wars: Episode IX. The quality of the images isn’t that great, but it looks as if Finn and Poe are searching for something or someone in a grassy location. They’re being accompanied by Chewbacca, and two other characters who appear to be riding horse-like creatures.

We’ve heard that Finn’s hair was going to be a bit longer, which you can sort of tell that it is in these pictures, but it’s not the length of full on dreadlocks or anything. It’s just a bit longer than the buzz cuts he’s sported in the last two movies. Poe on the other hand looks like Poe, so not much to see there. Chewie to me looks a bit chunky, so maybe he’s decided to start eating Porgs after all. The other two actors are too blurred out to tell who they may be, but the Twitter user who posted the images thinks one of them may be newcomer Naomi Ackie. You can check the images out below.

If you missed yesterday’s Episode IX set leaks you can see the Falcon on a jungle set.


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