New Super Mario Bros. 2 Gameplay Trailer (Because we have to)

Nintendo has posted a new trailer for New Super Marion Bros. 2, which will release on August 17th for the Nintendo 3DS and XL.  I’m sorry but it’s been quite some time since I gave a rat’s a*s about a Nintendo game, and I still don’t.  I’m only putting this trailer up because I know some of you haven’t been able to give up on the Japanese game maker.

Younger gamers I can understand your love for Nintendo and its 1st-party titles, because that’s the last time I loved them as well.  It just seems that nothing they put out post the SNES really tickles my taint (outside of the Mario-Karts, and they’ve been meh since Double-Dash).

Like I mentioned, I feel that my lack of Nintendo love is an age thing, because let’s be honest, they don’t cater to the hardcore gamer anymore period.  That was made evident at their E3 presser where their big closer was NintendoLand.  Oh well, I’m sure some of you will enjoy the trailer below hence the reason for me posting it.  You’ve been thinking this game looks just like Super Mario World for the SNES…

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Trailer

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