New Super-sized ‘Venom’ Trailer Brings Plenty of Symbiote Action

Sony has issued a brand new trailer for Venom, and it pretty much solely focuses on the symbiote-side of things and not so much on Eddie Brock as a mortal man. In fact, the whole trailer is about Venom and the fact that he and Brock are one in the same once he gets infected by the parasite. There’s definitely no shortage of Venom looks, and outside of not having the spider symbol on his chest, the CGI Venom looks pretty freaking badass. I’m talking spot on to what I would think a badass Venom would look like in a live-action movie.

I’m still not sold on Tom Hardy’s version of Eddie Brock though. There’s just something way off about the accent and affect he went with for Brock. He sounds somewhat crazy as if he has multiple personalties, which I’ll concede he eventually will once he’s infected, but as Eddie he just seems off. I know the dude can act his socks off, so maybe it’s just the affect he chose, but it makes Eddie seem like more of an oddball than I’d expect him to be.

I also wonder if this film will get an R-rating. It definitely should to honor the character, but it looks like it’ll probably be PG-13, because there haven’t been any red band trailers released yet. Oh well, I guess there will be a lot of creative cuts to avoid showing Venom eating people to death, and the other gory violence that would ensure after tangling with a creature from space.

Head on up above to check out the new trailer. Venom hits theaters on October 15, 2018.


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