New ‘The Last Jedi’ Promotion For Alamo Drafthouse Hints at a Cool Skywalker Moment has posted a promotion from the Alamo Drafthouse theater chain that has apparently been greenlit by Lucasfilm licensing, and it reveals a pretty cool moment involving Luke Skywalker. I wouldn’t call this a spoiler since it’s apparently been approved for distribution, just like the toys and other materials that have been released, but with that being said you probably shouldn’t proceed reading this post.

The below pint glasses will be exclusive to the theater chain, but the interesting aspect is that one of them shows Luke brandishing his old blue lightsaber and it is ignited. One would hope that this is depicting a scene from the film, and if it happens it will probably be early on because he is still in his TFA Jedi Master garb. It also looks like the Force is trembling beneath him due to the floating rock action at his feet. It’s an epic pose as well, and it looks like he’s experiencing a rush of emotion has he ignites both his and his Father’s former lightsaber.

Considering this scene is featured on a glass, one should expect it may even show up in future promotions, such as in a TV spot. You can check out the other glasses below, which again are exclusive to the Alamo Drafthouse chain of theaters.


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