New Titanfall Patch Adds Private Matches, Tweaks and More

Respawn has issued a new patch for Titanfall on all systems, and the biggest change it introduces is the addition of a Private Match mode that’s still in beta. For the first time players will now be able to play with 11 other friends in 6 vs. 6 multiplayer matches, which is a feature that many were calling for after Titanfall’s March release. These private matches won’t net you any XP or keep a tab of your scores, but it will allow you to completely customize each match and play with larger groups of your friends.

In addition to the Private Match beta today’s patch also adds some cosmetic changes and balance tweaks to Titanfall. Matches will now feature specific colors for players on your party. Instead of the standard map marker your party mates will be highlighted on the map in green. Their names in the match will also be green, as well as in the end game scoring menu. The main menu will now have “Play Multiplayer” as the top option if you’ve already completed the campaigns, and it will no longer be called “Play Classic.” The Xbox One version will also have a new “Party Chat App” option that can be easily opened from most menus to get to the chat app even quicker.

A few of the more interesting balance tweaks the patch provides can be seen below:

The Gooser Challenge – Based on recent feedback from fans of the game, the Gen 5 challenge requirement ‘Gooser’, requiring players to kill 50 ejecting pilots, will be reduced to 5 total. We had a couple of design goals for Regeneration. One was to give players a structured way to discover and experience ways of playing the game they might not have otherwise tried on their own. The second was to recognize players’ mastery of various skills, going beyond just ‘time played’. We went a bit too far with this challenge, especially considering the unique conditions that have to be met just to have the opportunity to get a kill on an ejecting Pilot. We understand some players have already completed the challenge, or have already earned more than the new requirement so we will be internally noting those players so we can recognize their accomplishments in a future game update.

40mm magazine capacity for default and Extended Mag – The default magazine size was making the 40mm too powerful. It is intended to be the only weapon that can take a Titan down without reloading, if used skillfully. However, 20 rounds per magazine were proving to be too high and overly tolerant of indiscriminate fire. We’ve reduced it to 12 rounds per magazine, which still allows players to take a Titan down without reloading, but helps balance it out against other Titan weapons. The extended mag has also been dropped from 25 to 16, with the same design principles applying to this change.

Titan Quad Rocket mag size change – During development, there was a time when the Quad Rocket was too powerful. We made a lot of changes to pull it back before shipping (lessened the screen shake impact, lessened the duration of the first person impact FX, lowered the magazine size, pulled the damage back, etc.) It currently can struggle against other Titan weapons and going back to the 5/6 (default/extended mag) magazine sizes helps balance the weapon and allows players to miss a few shots and still be effective. It was 4/5, now its 5/6.

Titan Quad Rocket damage vs Titan shields – It was taking too long to drop a Titans shields with the Quad Rocket (5 shots). This meant you had to reload before you could even drop an enemy Titan’s shields. This was the only Titan weapon that had this issue. We’ve now upped the damage against Titan shields so that it can drop a shield with 4 shots. Combined with the increased mag size, this damage increase effectively gives you one more volley in the mag to deal serious direct hull damage.

Titan Quad Rocket ‘Rapid Fire’ Mod’s mag size change – We upped the magazine size for the Quad Rocket’s Rapid Fire Mod to help it compete with the changes made to the extended magazine (from 5 to 6). The Rapid Fire Mod’s magazine size is going up from 16 to 18.

Amped Kraber Titan damage change – We upped the damage that the Amped Kraber Burn Card does to Titans. It is now the only significantly effective “small arms” weapon against Titans. Note that this only applies to the Amped version of the Kraber. The damage goes up from 100 to 800. We added this to give the Kraber Burn Card a little bit more character, as well as to give you something to shoot if you have a hard time hitting those little Pilots with the Kraber. So snipe away at those Titans…before they kill you!

Both the Hardpoint Domination and CTF modes have also had scoring tweaks, which can be found on the official Titanfall website. You can use that same link to see the host of bug fixes included in this patch, because there’s just too many to list.

Patch 2 for Titanfall should be live the next time you go to play it, so if you see an update message now you know what’s in store for your Titanfall experience.


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