New Total War: Attila – Red Horse Trailer Introduces the Sassanid Empire

It’s time for another Total War: Attila trailer from Sega and The Creative Assembly. This time, the in engine rendered video showcases the Sassanid Empire, and the part they’ll play in this chaotic period in history.

The Sassanid Empire ruled roughly what is now modern day Iran, and was seen as a major power in Western Asia for more than 400 years. Players will be able to control this faction, and exploit the chaos and strike out against their neighbours.

On top of this trailer, new gameplay info has been revealed including more fleshed out features, including army management. Keeping your armies in line against mounting losses, and holding the loyalty of your generals will have more depth.

Watch the trailer above to see the Sassanid’s in action.

Total War: Attila is aiming for a February 2015 release date, and will be available for PC.


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