The Creative Assembly have said that they are now moving away from Rome II and are creating a new Total War game for fans to sink hours in to.

Total War Attila, is curiously the next game in the works. Set around 400AD, the game will still take place during the Roman era, yet will focus on the period where the Roman Empire was divided, weaker and later ended. Instead of an expansion pack of sorts, much like Fall of the Samurai was an an expansion to Shogun 2, Total War Attila is set to be an entirely new game in the franchise. Nevertheless, Total War Attila is said to have many new features, despite looking visually similar to Rome II.

The main theme behind Total War Attila will be the nomadic tribes that dominated at the time. Razing cities and controlling horde armies will no doubt be included. with a supposed overhaul to siege and campaign map gameplay, such as disease, religion and civilians during settlement battles.

For the most part, Total War Attila is looking similar to Barbarian Invasion, the expansion to the original Rome: Total War game. Watch the trailer above to see the cinematic teaser for the game, and stay tuned for more info.


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