New Trailer and Screens Tease Atrocitus’ Infinite Crisis Debut

Turbine has announced the latest DC Comics character to get added to the ever growing roster of Infinite Crisis, and this new character is the Red Lantern Artocitus.

To celebrate his June 11th arrival the Turbine team has released a new ‘Champions Profile’ (above) to introduce everyone to Atrocitus and his powers. A batch of screenshots have also been released to further flesh out the latest character added to the Infinite Crisis roster of Champions, which you can check out below.

Atrocitus will be added on June 11th, so if you’re still not signed up for the Infinite Crisis beta you can do so via the official website.

About Atrocitus

Before the Green Lantern Corp existed, the Guardians of the Universe used robotic Manhunters to keep the peace. But a programming flaw caused them to slay trillions. Atrocitus and four other survivors became the Five Inversions, fanatics who were in time routed and imprisoned by the Guardians. Atrocitus, however, managed to escape. He murdered a fellow Inversion using a red lantern, creating the first Red Power Ring. Armed with the raw force of rage made manifest, his war on the Guardians began anew.


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