New Trailer for “Four Sided Fantasy” Packs Atmospheric Punch

“Screen wrap.” Four Sided Fantasy is a mind-bending puzzle-based game that utilizes screen wrapping as a primary game mechanic. From the looks of the newest trailer, developer Serenity Forge is successfully blending together an innovative presentation, intriguing art direction, and creative gameplay elements.

“Wraparounds,” or “screen wraps,” harken back to the days of Pac-Man – if you walk off the left side of the screen, you’ll instantly reappear on the right. The ability to shift your perspective seems necessary as each season of the year brings with it a new set of rules, along with a different way of looking at the borders of your screen.

Four Sided Fantasy‘s visuals are beautifully stylized with atmospheric nuances of life strewn throughout its universe. Entire worlds seem to and may actually exist in the reflection of lakes. As a wildly Escher-esque offering, the lakes then take the role of the sky for the landscape adjoining. Four Sided Fantasy accounts for all four walls of cinematography: the three walls to set the scene in-game, and you. The fourth wall.

Seamless transitions between scenes promote a wordless yet immersive experience. Gorgeous illustrations inspired by Justin Mezzell, enthralling tunes composed by M.J. “The Quiggles” Quigley, and convincing sound crafted by Ian Shores combine to create a unique personality that deserves some attention. Check out the screenshots below to get a better vision of the outcome.

Four Sided Fantasy is coming to PC and PS4 in Summer 2016. Get out your wallets, ladies and gents.

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