New Trailer For GTA Online Freemode Reveals 9/15 Release and Other Game Updates

The Rockstar Games YouTube channel has posted a new trailer for the GTA Online Freemode update to show off some of its modes, as well as to reveal its September 15, 2015 release date.

The Freemode update will add all sorts of new modes players can toggle in each session. It will be free of lobbies, menus, and load times, and will feature random chaotic gameplay events and challenges to keep things wildly interesting. One of these events is known as King of the Castle, which will task players with claiming the castle and then trying to defend it against other players. There’s also the Penned in mode, which puts a dome barrier around the action, or the Hunt the Beast mode, which will turn one player into an overpowered beast that must be hunted down by the other players. There will be many other Freemode events, and some will even revolve around stunt challenges.

Two Adversary mode updates will be added next week as well in the form of Hunting Pack and Cross the Line. Hunting Pack will see one team trying to deliver a payload vehicle that is rigged to explode if it moves too slow while the other team tries to take them out. Cross the Line will task teams of players with trying to penetrate the other team’s territory.

Finally, next week’s update will also bring the Rockstar Editor tools to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of GTA Online. Head on up above to check out some of the new Freemode events headed to GTA Online next week!


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