R2 in Minecraft Star Wars

R2 in Minecraft Star Wars

A YouTuber by the name of ParadiseDecay has spent the last couple of years painstakingly recreating Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in vanilla Minecraft. He isn’t just making a trimmed down fan film either. This project, when completed, will feature the entire film remade in Minecraft. Think about that for a minute!

The sheer scope of this ode to the Minecraft and Star Wars franchises is mind boggling, but that’s the beauty of fandom. Geeks tend to take their passions for their hobbies to insane levels, and this Star Wars Minecraft project is the epitome of that mantra.

ParadiseDecay has released a new trailer for his A New Hope Minecraft remake that you can see below. It’s highly advisable to click on the video to watch on YouTube so you can read the description, which contains every little detail about this project. It helps to give a better idea of just how much work has been invested into this labor of love recreation, and how exactly it can be pulled off without the threat of Disney shutting it down.

The project isn’t over yet, so stay tuned for the final film, as well as the inevitable trailer updates as they roll out over the coming months!

A New Hope – Minecraft – Star Wars – Official Trailer Part 1

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