New Trailer for Netflix’s The Witcher Arrives and It’s Too Clean

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Netflix dropped a new trailer for The Witcher, and unless they sanitized it for general audiences, the lack of blood and gore during the fight segments is very concerning.

Don’t get me wrong, the show looks authentic for the book’s universe, but watching Cavill hack and slash at dudes and not see any blood spraying, is very disappointing. Hopefully this is just to prevent a red band warning on the trailer, but if this show is going PG-13, it will not be good.

I also feel like Cavill looks the part, but he still acts like Henry Cavill, which is par for the course with any part he gets. I don’t know, this trailer just didn’t really get me any more hyped for the show.

Hopefully I’m wrong and this show will be Netflix Thrones, but this trailer missed the mark for me.

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