New Trailer: Wait, There’s a Battleship Movie, And it Has Aliens?

The trailer for Battleship launched today, which is an actual movie based on the freaking board game of the same name!  I’m not making this up, I’m not that creative.  Anyway, so there is going to be a movie based on the Battleship game that we’ve all played at one point in our lives.  I don’t really get the connection, but hey, someone thought it would make money right?

Now for the really strange part as if a Battleship movie weren’t strange enough.  This is not a film about blowing up other people’s battleships.  It’s a film about blowing up alien spaceships with battleships.  I know, WTF right?  But as you’ll see in the recently released trailer below I’m not yanking your chain.  Somehow the people behind this project managed to make a $200 million Summer blockbuster with aliens and war boats based off of a lame a*s board game that’s not half as cool as Monopoly.

The crazy thing is Battleship could actually be semi worth watching considering that it has some epic looking alien ships in there.  Plus, Liam Neeson is always a consummate pro, so it can’t be that bad right?  If anything it is one of the craziest uses of an IP that I’ve ever seen.  Who would have ever thought that Battleship, a simple game of guessing, would ever become a multi-million dollar movie with aliens?  You’ve been thinking that someone is going to lose a ton of money…

Battleship Trailer 1

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