Well maybe not brand new, but at least new this month.  I think this looks wonderful, and I’m glad my man, super hippie, Jeff Bridges is in this movie.  TRON is a movie franchise that spawned in the early 80’s when video games and PC’s were still in their infancy.  For its time it was pretty far out, and it still holds up in today’s standards.

Well for other geeks my age a new TRON movie is definitely something we want to see.  It looks like TRON: Legacy is going to be an actual sequel to the first film.  Now I have no clue what the plot is actually about, but I’m guessing from watching the Trailer that Jeff Bridge’s character, Flynn, has somehow been stuck in the TRON game, and his son conveniently gets sucked in as well to either save him or destroy him.  Now that could be a bunch of made up BS on my part, but watch this excellent trailer and see for yourself.  TRON: Legacy opens this December in 3D and IMAX 3D.

New Teaser March, 2010


You’ve been enlightened…


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