New Twisted Metal Game Gets Fresh Trailer and Official Launch Date

For those of you younger gamers that haven’t played the PS1 versions of Twisted Metal, I highly recommend finding a copy in a bargain bin at a gaming store near you.  I can remember spending hours on end going at it in local split-screen matches playing Twisted Metal 2 with some friends during my high school days before on-line gaming even existed for the console scene.  It’s just one of those franchises that is well made, and its gameplay will keep you coming back for more.  The Twisted Metal franchise mixes in the best aspects about car games with the best aspects of kicking a*s via the fighter genre.  That’s why I’m all jacked up about Eat Sleep Play’s forthcoming Twisted Metal game, which has just been confirmed to be releasing on October 4, 2011.

Everyone Needs Machine Guns on Their Choppers!

Twisted Metal, as this newest entry is called, seems to be getting back to its roots, and in my opinion it’s looking very similar to Twisted Metal 2, which is probably one of the Top 10 games to come out for the original Playstation.  I was just a really big fan of the fast paced destruction, death defying hidden locations, and the overall brutal nature of Twisted Metal 2, so I’m hoping to get all nostalgic once the newest TM game gets released this Fall.  It kind of feels like the right time to return to a car game that is more similar to a shooter than an actual racing game.

Chainsaws Provide Extra Safety While Driving with the Criminally Insane

Really, the last car game that even comes close to being an entertaining mix of racing and combat is any title in the Mario-Kart franchise.  I wouldn’t say they’re similar to the dark nature of Twisted Metal, but the Mario-Kart series definitely has that car combat feel to it that TM takes to the next level.  Unlike Mario-Kart the winner of a Twisted Metal match isn’t the vehicle that places first, rather it’s the one that kicked the most a*s.  Twisted Metal is basically a demolition derby on steroids with characters you’d expect to fins at your local looney-bin.  How can you not get behind that combo?  If you need more help figuring out what Twisted Metal is all about you should check out the newest trailer for the 2011 reboot below.  You’ve been reminded of why clowns creep you the f*ck out…

New Twisted Metal Trailer Announcing Launch Date of 10.4.2011


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