New Until Dawn: Butterfly Effect Trailer Chills and Thrills

Dark lighting and snowy environments are abound in the new trailer for Until Dawn: Butterfly Effect, and developer Supermassive Games is putting every bit of them to use.

Coming exclusively to PS4 on August 26th, Until Dawn is a survival horror game at its root. In classic scary-teen-movie fashion, the story revolves around eight friends vacationing up on a snowy, remote mountainside. What they find is far from what was planned.

A night full of terrors, blood, and unavoidably difficult choices lie in wait for the teen’s arrival. Anyone can live. Anyone can die. It’s completely up to the player’s decision making, and there are a multitude of choices planned. Innovative choice mechanics and a feature entitled “Butterfly Effect Interface” team up to form unpredictable consequences for every decision. Supermassive Games integrated a fairly strict auto-saving feature within the game, completely solidifying the effect a decision will provoke. This aims to add some interesting weight to the outcome of the story because it disallows players from reloading the game to see the result of each choice.

If you’d prefer to watch the trailer with Spanish audio, check it out here.

Pre-ordering the game might not be such a bad idea if you’re looking for a narrative-driven horror game. With as many possibilities and outcomes as Until Dawn totes, people will be talking about this one for a while.


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