New Update Brings Balance and A New Game Mode to Titanfall

Respawn is doing another update for Titanfall this week, which will add a new game mode, more burn cards, power balances, and more. Respawn is going to be periodically adding a new game play mode to replace its existing ones to keep the action feeling as fresh as possible.

Marked for death is the first game mode to be added to the playlist. The official details are as follows:

  • Marked For Death – A player on each team will be marked for death! Kill the enemy mark while protecting your teammate.

Burns cards are getting a much needed overhaul too. The amount you can have in your deck will increase, which is awesome. Your deck size will increase from 26 to 46, and you’ll be able to keep Titan burn cards even if you die as a pilot. That is probably one of the most needed updates because now it will allow the player to rid the deck of Titan burn cards to and actually use them when needed.

  • Burn Card overflow protection – To protect players who have a full Burn Card deck from losing the opportunity to earn valuable rare Burn Cards, you may now exceed your maximum deck size. However, you must discard down to a legal deck size before you arm new Burn Cards. To make this less obtrusive, the maximum base deck size has been increased from 26 to 46.
  • Titan Burn Cards  14 new burn cards that add amped Titan weapons and enhanced Titan abilities. You won’t lose your selected Titan Burn Card if you die as a Pilot, only when you die as a Titan. There is an orange highlight around Titans that have Burn Cards equipped on the Titan Counter HUD and Titans with active Burn Cards have an indicator near their health bars.

Power balance is always an important thing to have in a game like Titanfall. Some weapons start off being overpowered while the ones that need to be powerful aren’t. The shotgun, Titan Punch, and satchels are just a few of the items that needed some balance. The Ogre’s titan punch was too powerful for its own good, while the Stryder and Atlas lacked in making any serious damage when punching another titan.

  • Big Punch  We’ve taken a look at complaints about the Big Punch kit, and decided to adjust it. Big Punch was especially problematic when an Ogre was dealing the punch. It did enough damage to destroy the shields of a Stryder and still do a chunk of damage to the Stryder’s permanent health. Spamming Big Punch as an Ogre also let it travel around at speeds higher than intended. As such, we’ve decided to weaken Big Punch’s effects significantly when taken as an Ogre. The Atlas and Stryder didn’t need as large of a change, so we’ve only made small adjustments to Big Punch’s effect when applied to the Atlas and Stryder chassis.

Down below you’ll find some of the other updates coming to the game. You can always head on over to for more information about the latest update for Titanfall.

  • Titan Insignias – Want to show off your accomplishments? You can now select from a host of emblems to customize your Titan. Insignias are unlocked by completing challenges but if you’ve already completed the requirements, that emblem will be ready to use when the update installs. Two emblems come courtesy of Penny Arcade (thanks, PA!) and another recognizes users who completed the “Gooser” challenge the hard way.
  • Matchmaking – We’ve made improvements to matchmaking & team balancing. Now, teams are rearranged just before the level loads, to further balance the teams’ skill and player counts. You’ll notice that you’re greyed out in the lobby until teams are set. You’ll also notice “Connecting…” as players join a match.
  • Unlocks – You’ll still be able to unlock the Stryder and Ogre chassis by playing Campaign, but you can also unlock them in normal MP modes. The Stryder will unlock at level 15 and the Ogre at level 30.
  • Achievements – If you bought the Expedition DLC for Titanfall you have a new set of achievements to unlock by playing the DLC maps. (Xbox One)

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