For the older gamers out there, you likely remember that time when your NES would no longer play cartridges, no matter how many times you blew them out, or jammed two of them into the console at once.  For most us, that would be the end of the line resulting in the NES being tossed in the trash, or smashed to pieces in a fit of rage (HULK……SMASH!!!).

However one creative individual out there decided to turn his trash into treasure by turning the NES and controller into a fully geeked out briefcase and wallet combo.  You can check out a few pics below, and then head on over to Woody’s shop on to check out the full details, and to possibly purchase this one of a kind briefcase combo.  You never know, it could very well help you OWN the boardroom for the low price $70!  Time to move over Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, and Calvin Klein, there’s a new player in town.  You’ve been wishing you had enough style to pull this off…



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