New Video Game Releases for the Week of 10-8-17

Middle-earth: Shadow of War and The Evil Within 2 stand out from the crowd this week, but there are a couple gems to keep an eye on between Tuesday and Friday. Rocket League: Fast & Furious drops this Wednesday, bringing Brian O’Conner’s 1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34, wheels, decals, and more from 2 Fast 2 Furious to a garage near you. Ready your boosts, ladies and gents.

But wait! There’s…a little more, at least.

The Switch is treated quite kindly with new video games this week as its game library gains The Flame in the Flood, a survival game with a light heart, a dark mood, and a captivating original soundtrack by Chuck Ragan. Wulverblade looks like a fun little beat’em up; and, while Yono and the Celestial Elephants looks somewhat childish, its simplicity has already swooned my gamer heart. Switch owners also get treated with 88 Heroes: 98 Heroes Edition, which, as you can tell by the name, comes with the perk of an extra ten playable characters.

Otherwise, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners should look to King of Fighters XIV (Special Anniversary Edition) on Tuesday and WWE 2K18 on Friday if none of the above are sporty enough for you. Friday the 13th: The Game comes out on…well, Friday, the 13th, alongside The Evil Within 2. Friday the 13th‘s multiplayer released earlier this year in May, but now killers and campers alike will be able to jump into the game’s campaign mode towards the end of the week.

As always, everything is for PC unless stated otherwise, and the bold titles are the games that have piqued my interest.

Sunday, October 8th

  • Iron Wings – X1

Monday, October 9th

  • Artania
  • Fallen Times
  • Triple Twenty
  • Gone Astray
  • Mighty Action RPG
  • Unrested Development
  • Valentine Panic
  • Knife Club VR (Early Access)
  • Onironauta
  • Crankies Workshop: Whirlbot Assembly 2
  • Pigeon Fight
  • Daily Run
  • Retro City Rampage DX – Switch

Tuesday, October 10th

  • Summon Night 6: Lost Borders – PS4/Vita
  • Arktika.1
  • Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle – PS4/Switch/Vita
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War – PC/PS4/X1
  • Raid: World War II – PS4/X1
  • Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online – PS4
  • Riskers
  • Raiden V: Director’s Cut (Limited Edition) – PC/PS4
  • Tiny Barbarian DX – Switch
  • Deadbeat Heroes – PC/X1
  • 88 Heroes: 98 Heroes Edition – Switch
  • Take Off – The Flight Simulator
  • The King of Fighters XIV (Special Anniversary Edition) – PS4
  • Soldam: Drop, Connect, Erase – Switch
  • Bitcoin Collector: Spinners Attack
  • My Coloring Book: Animals
  • iHUGU
  • Magic Matchstick
  • Time Up
  • Premier Buggy Racing Tour
  • Saloon Showdown VR
  • Storms of Shambhala
  • Sniper Hunter Adventure 3D
  • Six-ear Macaque
  • Anti Gravity Warriors VR
  • Princess.Loot.Pixel.Again x2 (Early Access)
  • Danger Zone – X1
  • Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series — Episode 4: Who Needs You – PC/PS4/X1
  • unWorded

Wednesday, October 11th

  • Shiny – X1
  • Don’t Die!
  • Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation
  • Otaku’s Fantasy
  • King Exit
  • Wunderdoktor
  • Putrefaction 2: Rumble in the Hometown
  • Sword and Fairy
  • n-body
  • Metropolis: Lux Obscura
  • Run Zeus Run
  • PooSky
  • Vitamin Girl
  • Pinewood Island
  • Sylvio 2
  • Monopolka (Early Access)
  • Mirrors
  • Feeding The Monster
  • Domino
  • VR Triber (Early Access)
  • The Well
  • Rocket League: Fast & Furious – PC/PS4/X1

Thursday, October 12th

  • Pinball Wicked (Early Access)
  • Coming Out On Top
  • Sociable Soccer (Early Access)
  • Super Beat Sports – Switch
  • Yono and the Celestial Elephants – PC/Switch
  • Wulverblade – Switch
  • West of Red
  • Towards the Pantheon: Escaping Eternity
  • Field of Glory II
  • SweeperVR
  • Achievement Hunter: Thief
  • Sneaky Bears
  • Anonymous ME (Early Access)
  • Train Bandit
  • LOCK
  • Half Past Disaster
  • Computer Tycoon
  • Exorcism: Case Zero
  • Achievement Hunter: Zombie
  • A Dream for Aaron
  • Neptunian Donut
  • Live
  • Haul Asteroid
  • GeometryPuzzler
  • NaziShoot
  • ReSizE
  • DevWill
  • The Flame in the Flood – Switch

Friday, October 13th

  • In the Shadows
  • Bad Apple Wars – Vita
  • Dungeons 3 – PC/PS4
  • The Evil Within 2 – PC/PS4/X1
  • WWE 2K18 (Deluxe Edition) – PS4/X1
  • Gold Rush: The Game
  • Friday the 13th: The Game – PS4/X1
  • Holy Potatoes! What the Hell?!
  • Landon
  • Druid’s Tale: Crystal Cave
  • Dragon Drop
  • Cicadas
  • Shattered
  • Incline (Early Access)
  • Rugby League Team Manager 2018
  • Bounce Ball
  • Diamo XL
  • Megaton: Total Destruction (Early Access)
  • The Base (Early Access)
  • The Pirate: Plague of the Dead
  • Decay: The Mare – X1
  • Call of Nightmare
  • Dark Rising
  • Viral
  • DreamTank
  • Space Way
  • Brutal Runner
  • 7 Days with Death
  • Lumberjack VR
  • Songs of Araiah: Re-Mastered Edition
  • Deserving Life

Saturday, October 14th

  • The Quiet Sleep (Early Access)


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