New Video Game Releases for the Week of 12-30-18

2018 has a ton of quality video games to seek out, and almost none of them are coming out this week. As 2019 comes into existence, we’re all left with a peaceful week to catch up on some of gaming’s best offerings. With that said, if you still prefer newness over goodness, there may be one or two games to add to your library this week.

I recommend taking a gander at The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human. It’s a pixelated action adventure coming to the Switch this Thursday. At a cursory glance, I am immediately reminded of The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. A premise alone can only hold so much water; however, it’s enough to capture my interest. Otherwise, I hope you like games similar to Bomberman as Switch owners also get Mad Age & This Guy, but that’s about it for 2018.

We here at EB appreciate the hard work in video game development this year. Thank you all for the spectrum of experiences. As always, the bold titles are the games that piqued my interest — everything is for PC unless stated otherwise.

See y’all in 2019!

Monday, December 31st

  • Mad Hunting Simulator VR
  • Seeker
  • The Scenic Treasures – Japanese Learning
  • Plunder
  • Roulette Simulator 2
  • Anime Girl Slide Puzzle
  • Tekling 2
  • Blade of Acrimony
  • The Sibyl and Sixpence
  • Magnesia
  • EEP 15
  • Karloman and His Iced Muffins
  • Fatal Hour: Roadkill
  • Gun Godz
  • Chewing
  • Story of the Green Dragon
  • Sayaka Relaunched
  • Island 404
  • The Wing
  • Diminutive: Ultimate Supporter’s Pack
  • City Defense
  • War Platform
  • Lisa’s Memory
  • Chaos Maker
  • New Year Simulator
  • The Spook Inspectors
  • Real-time Tactical 2D
  • A Finality with Sheji
  • Mola Mola

Tuesday, January 1st

  • TrivaTune
  • Xenon Valkyrie+ – Switch
  • Ectolibrium
  • Warz: Horde
  • Wandering Star
  • NashBoard
  • Lil Pizza Bois
  • MinerXP
  • Jewel Puzzle Click
  • Shoot ‘m Up
  • Victoria
  • Aim Trainer 3D
  • Fairground 2 – The Ride Simulation
  • Achievement Clicker: The End
  • Game Master Plus
  • La Rana
  • Circuit Slinger
  • SimpleMovie
  • Cyberdome
  • TitanSiege
  • Flex Apocalypse Racing
  • Sea Birds: End of an Age
  • Hentai Puzzle Logic Game
  • Beyond the Sea
  • CrossTrix

Wednesday, January 2nd

  • Slime Research
  • Battlemage VR
  • VR Flight Simulator New York – Cessna
  • Life in Helsinki
  • The Last Dinner
  • Strange and Weird Museum

Thursday, January 3rd

  • Flowers in Dark
  • The Pepper Prince: Seasoning 1
  • Christmas Wonderland 2
  • The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human – Switch
  • State of War and Warmonger Classic 2001
  • Let’s Learn Japanese! Hiragana
  • Toddler Shooter
  • kHED
  • JCB Pioneer: Mars – Switch
  • Dungeon Maze
  • Aliens Don’t Exist
  • Hentai Beautiful Girls
  • Oppai Girl
  • Catastronauts – Switch
  • War of Three Kingdoms
  • Pocket Car: VRGROUND
  • RTO 3 – 3DS
  • Memorise: Creation

Friday, January 4th

  • Kunoichi Botan
  • Paranoia: Deliver Me
  • Terrible Beast from the East
  • Becalm
  • RelayCars
  • Gyro Buster
  • Laser Maze
  • Love Shoot
  • Latte Stand Tycoon
  • BombGears
  • Chasing the Stars
  • Mad Age & This Guy – Switch
  • Crystal Chameleon
  • TETRUX: Online
  • The Far Kingdoms: Elements
  • Invasion Zero
  • Blades of Worlds
  • Lost Artifacts: Golden Island
  • Epics of Distant Realm: Remastered Edition
  • Hide Your Butts
  • PsyOps Solutions
  • Kitty Cat Drag Race (Demo)
  • Butterbies
  • Orphan of the Petal
  • Abandonment
  • Engram
  • Toilet Simulator
  • Bobs Track Builder Pro

Saturday, January 5th

  • Nibu
  • Fused
  • RepairBot
  • NEET Simulator
  • Choice or Fate

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