New Video Game Releases for the Week of 5-28-17

As E3 looms ever closer, new game releases are beginning to fall upon deaf ears thanks to the speculation revolving around the expo. That said, the new games coming out this week span quite the array of genres, which should give everyone something to occupy their time until (pre)E3 news starts flowin’. If Injustice 2 isn’t doing it for you and you’ve still got that fighting game itch, Tekken 7 might just do the trick this Friday.

If that’s none of your concern, look to Tuesday for more of a selection. Victor Vran offers a few alternatives to the typical mechanics found in isometric action RPGs, and looks like a welcome departure from the tried-and-true Diablo formula. Lock’s Quest, a wicked little action/tactical RPG originally released on the Nintendo DS back in 2008, gets released on PC, PS4, and X1 on Tuesday, as well. Titanfall 2 gets its Monarch Reigns DLC pack on the same day, but it fights among the rest for attention preceding Tekken 7‘s release. PS4 (and PC) owners looking for an interesting take on the 2D brawling action platforming sci-fi genre (right?) should not overlook Randall, though.

Looking for something a little weirder (and maybe “new”)? Perception places you in the shoes of a blind woman as she explores via echolocation by tapping her cane on the ground. Shit looks rife with jump scares. I don’t know how I feel about it.

As always, everything is for PC unless stated otherwise, and the bold titles are the games that have piqued my interest.

Monday, May 29th

  • LoveKami: Useless Goddess
  • Stunt Kite Masters VR
  • True Blades (Early Access)
  • Primal Reign
  • Chaos Town
  • The Last Sanctuary VR
  • Vanguard V (Early Access)

Tuesday, May 30th

  • Rising Storm 2: Vietnam
  • Giant Cop: Justice Above All
  • The Long Journey Home
  • Star Trek: Bridge Crew – PC/PS4
  • Ys Origin – Vita
  • Victor Vran: Overkill Edition – PC/PS4/X1
  • Perception – PS4/Switch/X1
  • Lock’s Quest – PC/PS4/X1
  • MXGP3: The Official Motocross Videogame – PC/PS4/X1
  • Tropico 5: Complete Collection – X1
  • Microcosm
  • The Crowded Party Game Collection
  • Sorgina: A Tale of Witches
  • Poker Show VR
  • Illusoria
  • Galaxis Wars
  • The Sims 4: Parenthood
  • Puzzle Showdown 4K
  • Astro Duel Deluxe – Switch
  • Randall – PC/PS4
  • Crossout – X1
  • Titanfall 2 — Monarch Reigns – PS4/X1

Wednesday, May 31st

  • Star Trek Timelines
  • Melancholy Republic
  • Galactic Missile Defense
  • Tokyo 42 – PC/X1
  • Bertram Fiddle: Episode 2 — A Bleaker Predicklement
  • Perception – PC
  • Calm Waters
  • Witch Hunt
  • Rezrog
  • Sky Trader (Early Access)
  • BREACH IT (Early Access)
  • Phantom (Early Access)
  • Watch Dogs 2: No Compromise – PC/X1
  • Evil Glitch
  • Flairtender
  • The Last Frontier VR
  • A Hands in the Darkness
  • Ambre
  • Iron Wings
  • Happy Empire: A Bouquet for the Princess
  • Country of One (Early Access)
  • Sea of Lies: Nemesis (Collector’s Edition)
  • Myths of the World: Stolen Spring (Collector’s Edition)
  • Splinter Zone
  • Thea: The Awakening – X1
  • Dragon Bros – X1
  • Danger Zone
  • Crystal Vibes feat. Ott.
  • Aztec Venture
  • Tales of Glory (Early Access)
  • Ricky Raccoon 2: Adventures in Egypt
  • Tiny Troopers 2
  • Voidrunner (Early Access)
  • Star Balls – X1
  • Castle Wars VR (Early Access)
  • The Glade

Thursday, June 1st

  • Triple X Tycoon
  • Lamp Head
  • 3..2..1..Grenades!
  • Freefall
  • Last Dream: World Unknown
  • Shotgun Farmers
  • Super Army of Tentacles 3: The Search for Army of Tentacles 2
  • Shootout on Cash Island
  • Epic Little War Game
  • Shotgun Legend (Early Access)
  • Purgatory II
  • India Garden
  • SpeedRunners – X1
  • Of Mice and Sand – 3DS
  • Alvora Tactics

Friday, June 2nd

  • Tekken 7 – PC/PS4/X1
  • Lydia
  • Tormentor X Punisher
  • Lotia
  • The Artifact
  • StratoBash
  • Navalia
  • Sentience: The Android’s Tale
  • Operation Warcade VR
  • flChess
  • Dungeon of Corruption

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