Remember Destiny 2? With yet another year of stellar games (so far), it can be hard to jump back into a game that’s “so last year,” but Destiny 2‘s second expansion Warmind is sure to turn a few heads. New narrative adventures await those daring enough to brave the depths of Mars’ polar ice caps, complete with new weapons, gear, and co-operative opportunities. If you’re looking for a time to get back into the game, this might be it.

Most of the games that caught my interest are ports from one platform to another, but there are a couple indie gems able to shine through this week’s slower pace. Death Road to Canada immediately stands out to me due to both its name and concept. Think Oregon Trail, but with more action and (way more) zombies. Super Chariot is for the little voice in your head trying to convince you that you need to play a platformer with a friend, and there’s no better platform than the Switch to do it on. Got a PSVR headset that needs dusting off? Obduction comes out on PS4 this Tuesday, and its premise is immediately alluring. Maybe it’s due to it being the successor to Myst, but hey — take a gander either way.

If familiarity is what you’re after, Tacoma and Darkest Dungeon‘s Ancestral Edition finally come to PS4, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero (Ultimate Edition) and The Fall arrive on the Switch — all worthy of keeping an eye on.

Conan Exiles brings the shirtless barbarians to a massive open world fit for multiplayer. If you’re looking for more competition in your multiplayer activities, Paladins: Champions of the Realm leaves beta testing this week and officially releases. Not sporty enough for you? Try Laser League.

As always, everything is for PC unless stated otherwise, and the bold titles are the games that have piqued my interest.

Sunday, May 6th

  • Fidget Spinner Simulator 2018

Monday, May 7th

  • Assault Spy (Early Access)
  • Cursed Caves
  • Momoiro Closet
  • Woodstock 1969
  • Cyadonia
  • Katie
  • Labrinto 2
  • Defendion (Early Access)
  • LOVE Obsession
  • HellStar Squadron
  • Blacktea with Moon
  • Airbo
  • Sky Dodge
  • Arbiter (Early Access)
  • Boxes Inc.
  • Vortex Rush
  • Primitive Race
  • Swapper Tiles
  • Aik’s Cheese Adventures
  • Sudoku
  • Find Your Way (Early Access)
  • Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru
  • Slab
  • GUNS BATTLE ROYALE (Early Access)
  • Lost (Early Access)
  • Save Her, From Dreams
  • The Stray Cat
  • EggTime 2
  • Project R.A.T.
  • The Last Dawn: The First Invitation
  • After Dreams
  • Penny Black

Tuesday, May 8th

  • Raging Justice – PC/Switch
  • Tacoma – PS4
  • Shantae: Half-Genie Hero — Ultimate Edition (Day One Edition) – Switch
  • Conan Exiles – PC/PS4/X1
  • 303 Squadron: Battle of Britain
  • Tiny Bubbles
  • Unleash
  • Megadimension Neptunia VIIR – PS4
  • Tiny Bubbles
  • Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire
  • Glick’s Cat Simulator
  • Last Encounter
  • Darkest Dungeon: Ancestral Edition – PS4
  • Death Road to Canada – PS4/Switch/X1
  • Trailblazers – PC/PS4
  • Doughlings: Arcade
  • Steins;Gate 0
  • AO International Tennis – PC/PS4/X1
  • Omnicube
  • Demolition Engineer
  • First Winter
  • Starting the Game
  • Destiny 2: Warmind – PC/PS4/X1
  • Air Threat
  • Dungeon Quest
  • Pestis
  • Linear Chicken
  • City Patrol: Police (Early Access)
  • Qu Mei Jiaohua
  • Hodl: The God of Crypto
  • Number Guesser
  • Hypersonic Speed Girl
  • Gardener the Ripper
  • Viki Spotter: Sports
  • Ocean Wonder VR
  • Digit Daze
  • Through the Woods – PS4
  • Paladins: Champions of the Realm
  • Obduction (VR Edition) – PS4

Wednesday, May 9th

  • Potemkin
  • Trailblazers – X1
  • Subaeria – PC/PS4/X1
  • Block Smashers VR
  • Angel’s Love
  • Gulman 5
  • PuzzGun
  • Zap Zap Zombie Cats
  • District 112 Incident: Bowling Alley (Early Access)
  • Ghost Mountain Roller Coaster
  • Russian Gangsta in Hell
  • Maze Madness
  • Supaplex
  • RPGolf
  • LingeriesOffice
  • InkSplosion – X1
  • Cheese Maze

Thursday, May 10th

  • Désiré
  • Wild West Online
  • Lake Ridden
  • Infectonator 3: Apocalypse
  • Immortal Redneck – Switch
  • Super Chariot – Switch
  • Heat Guardian
  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 — Deluxe Edition – Switch
  • TAD: That Alien Dude
  • Garage – Switch
  • Suicide Guy – Switch
  • The Day I Died
  • Deadfall Tropics
  • Tomb Towers (Early Access)
  • Cave Digger
  • World of Walking Cities
  • Laser League – PC/PS4/X1
  • Helicopter Flight Simulator
  • Three Fourths Home (Extended Edition) – Switch
  • aMAZE Classic
  • Ruler and Eraser
  • Froggy BOI
  • Terror World (Early Access)
  • Distant Castle
  • The Armclaw Experiment (Early Access)
  • Match Connect Challenge
  • 69 (Early Access)
  • Gansel and Hretel
  • Thunderbolt 2
  • Up Up Bot – 3DS
  • The Fall – Switch
  • ACA NeoGeo: Super Sidekicks 2 – Switch
  • Cowboy: Attack of Wild Animal

Friday, May 11th

  • Dreamland Defender
  • Voltage
  • Hyper Sentinel – PC/PS4/Switch/X1
  • Odium to the Core
  • Endersite
  • Fortune-499
  • Torture Chamber
  • Star Speeder (Early Access)
  • Slum Ball VR Tournament
  • Extreme Formula Championship
  • Spaceguy 2
  • Merry Glade
  • Frightened Beetles
  • Howlville: The Dark Past
  • ValeGuard (Early Access)
  • Attack of the Killer Furries
  • God vs Zombies (Early Access)
  • Mad Frost
  • Dino Dawn
  • Snail Racer Extreme
  • Starcats
  • Ace of Seafood – PS4
  • Dark SASI

Saturday, May 12th

  • Falling Words

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