A few videos have been released that were taken from the compound where Osama bin Laden was put to sleep by Navy Seal Team 6.  In them you can see this terrorist p*ssy prepping for his infamous speeches that he’d release to the World warning us of our impending doom.  Oddly enough, these videos didn’t really intrigue me, but there was one of him sitting in a room and watching TV that did capture my attention.  The reason for this is simple, Osama bin Laden had one weak a*s entertainment setup!  I’m talking 1990’s ghetto folks!

This dude had a worse man-cave than even the most p-whipped man in all of the Universe.  Osama and all of his influence couldn’t even secure the guy a TV from the last decade.  He was using some old stanky-a*s CRT monitor that only poor people still use (Sorry poor people, but all monies should go into pimping your electronics), and it was about the same size as my first TV that I bought as a kid doing odd jobs.  You’d think a guy with millions of Saudi money and his own compound would’ve made sure that he had a movie theater installed that was fully equipped with a bar and high-end sound system.  In reality though, it’s just the opposite.

Osama’s man-cave looked like a motel room where men on a tight budget take call-girls.  What a dump!  Dude didn’t even try to hide the cables from his set top box either, and I’ve pulled nicer entertainment centers out of people’s trash than the POS he was using.  What a miserable existence.  If I had a man-cave like bin Laden I’d want Seal Team 6 to break down my door and shoot me in the face too!  For those of you that want to see what a man-cave should NOT look like take a gander at the video below.  You’ve been still kind of pumped that this dirtbag had a worse entertainment setup than you’re own non-money having a*s…

Osama Getting Off on Watching Himself on TV


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