New Watch Dogs Screenshots From the Xbox One Version Released

watch_dogs_box_shot_xbox_oneMicrosoft has released three new screenshots from Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs from it running on the Xbox One console. The visuals look clear and polished, while also offering a next-gen feel. Hopefully Ubisoft has been using the extra development time to really make this game look like something special on the next-gen consoles, but it’ll need to play like a boss too if it wants to challenge Rockstar’s GTA 5.

These new screens are a good sign that Watch_Dogs is shaping up nicely for its multi-platform release, so head on down past the break to check them out. At this time there still isn’t a firm release date for Watch_Dogs outside of a generic spring 2014 launch window.

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  1. Kevin

    Sweet can’t wait to play this game .

    • kerr

      um….we have all seen this game being played and we know those are not bullshots. Looks right on par with the video footage. Stop being a troll

  2. TIm

    Looks very good on Xbox1, but will it look even better on my PS4 :)

    • Out of all due respect the games goign to look the same on both console but on PC it will look 10x Better than all console. These are Facts.

  3. Truth

    LOLing hard at the $0N¥ paupers once again. You make my day.

  4. Diago

    These areb’t Xbox One shots, but Photoshoped Bullshots.
    Looks like the only thing correct is the resolution, tudum Tsss!

    U fucking journalists….

  5. Derrick

    I think GTA V was the reason Watch_Dogs was delayed. Ubisoft saw how alive GTA V’s AI were and how purty the game was and knew they had to match it or make it better.

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