Ubisoft’s upcoming open-world tech-heavy game, Watch Dogs has given video game fans countless reason’s to be excited for the game’s May launch. From the game’s impressive open world, to the intriguing hacking abilities and top-notch visuals, Watch Dogs is destined to be one of 2014’s top titles.

The newest Watch Dog’s video details a previously unmentioned aspect of the game – online multiplayer.

In the gameplay video released today, Ubisoft employees take an in-depth look into the online component of Watch Dogs that can only be described as innovative.

During the video, viewers are taken on a guided tour of Watch Dogs’ online aspect. In the first part of the video, viewers are shown how Watch Dogs’ multiplayer seamlessly blends into the single player campaign. While strolling through a part, the commentator is able to see the cellular imprint of each NPC he encounters. As he continues to look up information on the people around him, the commentator receives notice that he has been hacked.

At this point in the video, the perspective switches to another Ubisoft developer. He showcases how he was able to hack the other player all while persisting in his own game.

This type of seamless integration of single player and online component is nothing short of groundbreaking. Even for those who may not be inclined to participate in multiplayer titles, the interesting take that Watch Dogs presents is nothing short of impressive.

As the video continues, the other online aspects of Watch Dogs are detailed, including the tie-in companion app’s meaningful integration.

For a game that initially looked to be one of the most promising open-world titles in recent years, it is nothing short of amazing to see what Ubisoft has done to make multiplayer really matter in Watch Dogs. Look for the game to release this May.


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