New WildStar DevSpeak Video Released for ‘The Strain’ Ultra Drop

Dropping content ultra style

Carbine Studios has released a new dev diary for WildStar to detail the upcoming Ultra Drop, which is called The Strain. This title update will infect the planet Nexus with The Strain, which is a biological anomaly that essentially turns organic life into mutated freaks. The dev diary above details more aspects about The Strain, which should hit PCs later this week.

In addition to introducing The Strain, the title update will also add two new zones in Northern Wastes and Blighthaven. Players will also have the ability to learn more about the Eldan, swim through jell-o like substances, explore new dungeon areas, and best of all they will be able to collect new Strain infected gear. Check out the video above for more details and stand by for The Strain Ultra Drop, which should hit this week.


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