New Zealanders Protesting to Keep ‘Hobbit’ Film in Their Country

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Thousands of rabid New Zealand residents took to the streets of Wellington and other towns to show their interests in keeping the ‘Hobbit’ production in their country.  This movie has been on a roller coaster of highs and lows with one of the lows being the fact that local unions initially sent out a boycoot message to its members in regards to working on ‘The Hobbit’.  Well, WB execs took that message seriously and are flying to New Zealand tomorrow to discuss taking their $500 million dollars to another location, because they’re concerned about the union’s attempt to block work on their film.

All of a sudden the unions have backed off and fans are rallying in the streets to let WB know that they really do want the production to happen in New Zealand.  Unfortunately, this attempt at changing their tune may be too late.  An insider on the ‘Hobbit’ film only thinks that there is a 50/50 chance that the production will stay in the same country where the LOTR trilogy was filmed.  Stay tuned for any updates.  Personally, I want the film to stay where it’s at because that is Middle Earth, but you know how the men in suits do things, so who knows where the Shire could be when the cameras finally start rolling.  You’ve been just wanting this damn thing to get rolling…

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