Newest Green Lantern Trailer Brings a More Serious Tone to the Flick

I’m sure if you care about dudes flying around in green tights you’ve probably seen the latest trailer for this Summer’s ‘Green Lantern’ movie, but I’m still compelled to post some thoughts on it.  In the second official theatrical trailer the tone of this movie is completely different than what we’ve already seen.  Up until now all of the ‘Green Lantern’ trailers have been scored in a way that made the film seem more like an action comedy than a true comic book film.  Let’s face it, Ryan Reynolds isn’t known for doing serious movies.  He’s always been cast in comedic roles (does a fine job none the less), so having him take on the role of Earth’s first Green Lantern may have confused some of us comic book n00bs.

I Hope Things Don’t Get too Hammy

I’m not sure if Hal Jordan is supposed to be a joker or what, but from the first trailer and resulting TV spots that’s the impression I’ve got of DC’s ring bearer.  That is until I watched the newest ‘Green Lantern’ trailer, which hit the Net yesterday.  This is the first trailer to be set to a serious score, and I found it to give the ‘Green Lantern’ movie a whole new feel.  While watching it I felt a sense of epicness wash over me.  I didn’t get the slightest hint that this movie was to be more about laughs than impending doom from a distant galaxy.

First Time the Guardians Have Been Seen in the ‘Green Lantern’ Trailers

If anything, this newest trailer has convinced me that the ‘Green Lantern’ is my #1 must see film of the Summer.  Sure ‘Thor’ and ‘X-Men: First Class’ look just as geektastic, but we get Marvel movies every year.  I’m ready to see more characters from DC Comics’ stable of superheroes and villains.  Besides, who doesn’t love getting their eye’s f*cked (in a good way) by a CGI heavy movie in 3D!

I’m hoping the tone of the actual film is a little closer to the newest trailer (watch it below) than the previous ones.  I don’t really like slapd*ck comic book movies like the post Burton/pre-Nolan Batman movies.  Let’s keep our nerdy fingers crossed that the ‘Green Lantern’ movie does the DC franchise proud!  You’ve been wondering if you could get away with wearing a Green Lantern suit in public…

NO Super Ring, I Will not Punch Myself in the Face!


‘Green Lantern’ Official Trailer 2

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