Next Up Hero is a fun community driven action game that uses the term “next” loosely. The concept is really simple, you pick the character you want to play as and off you go to kill enemies. Along the way you’ll find echos of previous players that didn’t survive the level. Here is where Next Up Hero gets fun, because these echos can be picked up and help you fight off enemies. The more echos you pick up, the better your chances of survival will be. Also, the cool thing you can do is when you have a certain number of echos, you can activate a super that varies from a shield, to instant health, or a big dude that destroys everything in his path. Keep in mind, that when you do this, the amount of echos you have goes down, so use them wisely heroes.

While the beta for Next Up Hero is fun, there are two things that seemed off balance – health and enemy power. Having to use a super to give yourself health isn’t a really great idea. Health drops should be made available to help extend your time in each level. Some of the enemies are a bit over powered and in one hit you can lose up to half of your health. Yes the game is community driven and the developers may not want players playing the level for a long time, but adding a limited amount of health drops will make the game a bit more enjoyable.

There are a variety of heroes to choose from like ranged weapons, close combat, and defense type of characters, so there will be something for everyone to enjoy. There are also abilities to equip that vary as well. You can also select the level you’d like to play based on difficulty. Each level also lets you know how many fallen echos there are. This might help you decide what level to play because having all those fallen heroes with you will make things easier.

Next Up Hero is a fun game that anyone can enjoy. My time with Next Up Hero was entertaining and I looked forward to seeing what improvements are made to the game when it’s finally released in 2018 for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

If there is anything to be learned while previewing games on Steam, it’s that the PC community is thriving and it’s always nice to see developers put their game out there in the early stages to get feedback from the folks that matter the most, the players. The team at Digital Continue have created a fun little game with an interesting concept that is worth checking out. Give Next Up Hero a shot, you won’t be disappointed.


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