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NieR: Automata won’t be coming out this year.

The Platinum Games-developed follow-up to one of last gen’s most remarkable sleeper hits has been pushed back into early 2017, according to the game’s newly released E3 trailer.

While it’s a bummer to see that NieR: Automata has been pushed back into 2017, the trailer certainly shows that Platinum are onto something special.

Bleak landscapes and operatic robots make up the majority of NieR’s new trailer. Despite the game’s delayed release date, NieR looks quite polished, with some staggeringly fast-paced combat and sleek character designs.

NieR Automata follows the journey of three androids: 2B, A2, and 9S. The trio are tasked with conquering the dystopian future by quelling any and all mechanical weapons they encounter. 2B and company will spend time in NieR: Automata battling back against deadly machinations in an attempt to reclaim the world. But because NieR: Automata carries the NieR title, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

It seems that Platinum have nailed the bizarre world and haunting characters that made the first NieR so special.

Stay tuned for more information regarding NieR: Automata as it becomes available.

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