NieR: Automata released and pretty much blew everyone out of the water with its awesome gameplay, gripping stories, and gorgeous visuals and sounds. It should be no surprise that a game that’s that popular  would be a prime target for Smosh Games to make an Honest Trailer for it! Of course, the easiest thing to point fingers at and make fun of is probably the *ahem* attire of the main character, or lack thereof. It just wouldn’t be a real Japanese game (Platinum game, more specifically) without some robo-booty and lingerie instead of armor.  That kind of thing can be overlooked, however, when the game is as good as it is, and when the partial nudity isn’t made to be a main point of the game, it’s just… there. Anyway, check out the Honest Trailer above and let us know what you think of the game!

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