Nike Patents Self-Lacing Sneaker a la Marty McFly

Most young kids growing up in the 80’s and 90’s were thoroughly entertained by the ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy, and its crazy take on the future.  I remember being amazed when I first saw ‘Back to the Future 2’ and Marty’s trip to the year 2015.  I wanted to have a hoverboard and I wanted his self-lacing Nike shoes.  Even though I was a dreamer back then and firmly entrenched in the sci-fi world, I knew that neither of these movie inventions would be a reality for many years to come.  Well, for one of them, that time may be coming sooner than I ever imagined.

Nike has filed a patent for a self-lacing shoe that is a near mirror image of the shoes from ‘Back to the Future 2’.  They will obviously have the self-lacing system, but they will also get all the flashy LEDs, and there’s even plans listed for the internal battery system, the controls, and a charging station.  We could very well be getting these shoes from a fictional 2015 in the real 2015.  Hopefully nobody sues Nike before they can be mass produced, but I’m sure it is bound to happen.

If they do make it to market I’ll be one of the first a-holes to snag them at a ludicrous price.  I’m a sucker for awesome technology, and I really hate bending over to tie my shoes!  Keep your fingers crossed for the McFly 2015’s, and if you do get them you might as well buy a bulletproof vest as well, because you know someone will try and steal them off your dead feet.  Check out a clip from the movie below to get you reacquainted with these lazy man shoes.  You’ve been wanting these things since 1989.


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Via [Wired]


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