Nintendo 3DS to Have Netflix by This Summer – Still No Droid Love!

During the GDC this week Nintendo revealed that their new hand held, the 3DS, will be getting Netflix support this Summer, as well as access to thousands of hot-spots via a software update due in May.  Nintendo claims that Wii owners will be able to start a movie on their consoles, and if needed they can continue watching it on the fly via the 3DS.  Personally, I just want a device that can get Netflix on the go, so I’m thrilled with this announcement.  For some BS reason the Android platform is still left out in the cold as far as a Netflix app goes, so I’ll have to rely on  my new gaming toy to get movies on the road.

I’m really hoping that the 3Ds is all that everyone is making it to be, because I did pre-order one and I don’t do much mobile gaming.  I know I’m a genius, but if the 3DS is awesome I’ll have one and you won’t, so na-na na-na poo-poo on you.  You can get your 3D on this March 27th glasses-less style!  You’ve been afraid to admit that the 3DS may be awesome…


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