Nintendo E3 2010 Press Conference Semi-Live Blog

Currently Nintendo is on the stage at E3 going through their keynote presentation, which started off with a Zelda reveal.  The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will be the next Zelda game on the Wii.  I must say the demo was a joke.  It kind of reminded me of the Apple mess from last week.  The motion controls were not responsive at all and made the game look ridiculous.  I’m hoping it’s just some early bugs, but it was quite a rough demo that made Nintendo look unprepared.

Outside of the control problems the Zelda game looked like you’d expect one to look.  It still has the cartoonish look to it, but the gameplay looked familiar, so I’m sure it’ll be a good time.  It was just sad to see Nintendo struggling with the Wii Motion plus controls.

Next up they unveiled Mario Sports Mix, which is a compilation game of various sports for Mario and crew to play.  It looked like it’ll have hockey, dodge-ball, basketball, and volleyball.  Nothing special, whoopty-doo.  I don’t get the audience that Nintendo is going for.  These types of games just don’t appeal to me and seem light years away from games being made for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Nintendo then moved on to the Goldeneye reboot for the Wii.  Yeah Goldeneye is one of the most memorable games of the 90’s, but that was like 12 years ago.  I can say for a fact, that the demo of the new Goldeneye looks exactly like Goldeneye did on the N64.  I think this game would’ve done much better if it was just released on the PSN or XBLA.  The Wii needs to step up its graphic qualities, this game looked embarrassing.

The coolest looking game that has been presented so far is Metroid Other M.  It looks like old-school Metroid with a mix of the newer Metroids.  I still have no interest in playing it, but at least it looked like a good game.

The Nintendo brass went on to mention some other games coming out, but they all looked geared towards little kids.  There’s going to be a new Kirby game, and Just Dance 2.  I can say that Dance Central for Kinect is way better looking than Just Dance 2.  There’s also going to be a new Donkey Kong game.

Currently, Nintendo is going over their supposed big reveal with the Nintendo 3DS.  This is the 3D glasses-less portable system.  So far this presentation has been BORING.  I haven’t seen anything amazing with it, but I can’t see it in 3D, so I can’t truly comment on it.  It can take 3D pictures, has 2 cameras, WiFi, blah, blah, blah.  The biggest reaction to the 3DS came when a Kid Icarus game was announced for it.  Yeah it was nostalgic, but nothing that knocked my socks off.

I wish I could see the 3DS in person.  It does sound neat, and I totally want to see 3D without wearing glasses.  This demo is just doing nothing for the 3DS.  I’m sure once some journalists get some hands-on time with the device a clearer picture will be drawn.

Overall, the Nintendo press conference was weak.  Nothing really wowed me, or even slightly motivated me to play my Wii.  I think the 3DS could be really exciting if it was presented better, but without being able to see the handheld in action I can’t really comment on it.  Nintendo has definitely entrenched itself in the casual gamer scene.  Everything they showed just seems so old to me, and the only ground breaking reveal requires you to play with it first person, so the demo was boring.  Oh well, kids need to game too.  You’ve been bored to death…

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