Nintendo Reaches New Creative Levels with Nintendo Labo

Just when you thought that Nintendo couldn’t get any more creative, they bring out what they call, Nintendo Labo. Yes it may have a silly name, but it brings yet another way to play your games. Basically, what this is, are different sets of strong cardboard cut outs that you physically build to take on your Nintendo Switch in different settings. They also come with different play experiences to immerse the player even further.

One of the many items in the Variety Pack.

Each set comes with on-screen instructions to put together your creation. Shown in the trailer a few times is a robot type set, that comes with a cardboard backpack, helmet and arm attachments. You get to physically wear these and play the robot game. Let us take this further, you can even transform it seems like, depending on motions you can use with the one-of-a-kind Joy-Con controllers. Thankfully, you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on Nintendo Labo, as it is due to launch on April 20th of this year! You can find out more information about Labo, here! Check out the trailer above and get excited to elevate your play, with Nintendo Labo!

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