Nintendo Releasing New ‘Dragalia Lost’ IP Exclusively On Smart Devices

Nintendo has unveiled its first ever new IP that was built specifically for smart devices, and the game is called Dragalia Lost. The game is being billed as a free-to-start action-RPG, and it is slated for a September 27, 2018 release. Players will be able to play alone or together with up to three other players participating in the same missions.

The RPG combat will take place in a real-time fashion with touchscreen controls that players will interact with during battles. The gameplay will not be passive, so it sounds like each encounter will be a lively, screen tapping and swiping affair. Over the course of the game players will be able to enlist up to 60 characters in their party for use. Players will also be able to customize their characters.

Based on the Nintendo Direct video release for Dragalia Lost, the game looks like it’ll sorta play like a Secret of Mana, so it is truly more of an action-RPG than a overworld/turn-based RPG. You can see the game in action for yourself above. Additional details from the official press release can be found below.

About Dragalia Lost

In Dragalia Lost, players build a customized party of adventurers and set off on a grand journey – one that will take them to a variety of locales to save the Kingdom of Alberia from mysterious evil forces that are corrupting the realm. While exploring the world, players control their party of adventurers in battle, even transforming into mighty dragons to unleash devastating attacks. Along the way, players can discover more than 60 companions for their party that offer a variety of different weapon classes, combat abilities and elemental properties.

Battles are performed in real time to keep players in the action, dragging their fingers on the screen to move their characters, tapping or holding to engage with various attacks and flicking along the screen to dodge. It’s all very intuitive and easy to pick up for any type of player. And by using the in-game currency Diamantium or Wyrmite, players can summon new characters, dragons or special accessories called Wyrmprints that can be equipped for powerful abilities or bonuses. Wyrmite is earned in the game as a reward for completing quests, while Diamantium can be purchased using real-world money.

Dragalia Lost is all about letting players play how they want. Party members can be customized in all sorts of ways, whether it’s through new equipment or leveling up and earning new or upgraded abilities. Dragalia Lost even offers synchronous online multiplayer with up to three other people who have the game, so friends can share the experience throughout the game’s main story adventure, additional quests and event raids.

For more information about Dragalia Lost, including how to pre-register, visit


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