Nintendo Uncovers Details On Its Upcoming Shooter Splatoon

The Wii U will be getting a brand new IP this May in the form of Splatoon, an original third-person shooter title that combines elements of action, shooting, and strategy games. Nintendo has revealed new information on the ink-fectious shooter.

Splatoon 1 - Warehouse

Splatoon will feature an assortment of online and single-player modes. The main online gametype, Turf War, features teams of four competing with one another to cover the battlefield with ink in their team’s color. The game will feature a level-building and currency system, allowing players to upgrade and customize their Inklings as they do battle. Upgrades include pieces of clothing which can empower the gamer, such as enabling them with faster swimming through ink or increased refill time for their ink canisters. In addition, players will fill up a special gauge throughout each battle, which briefly unleashes powerful special weapons after being filled.


Customizable weapon sets will also be pre-loadable before matches. The game’s arsenal includes a wide variety of ink-based weaponry, including main weapons such as rapid-fire ink-guns, long-range ink rifles and paint rollers, alongside subweapons like ink bombs and sprinklers. The ink-wars will be waged on levels like the newly revealed Blackbelly Skatepark, Saltspray Rig, and Walleye Warehouse.

Nintendo also revealed a new multiplayer mode for the first time known as Ranked Battle. This mode will keep track of players’ online rankings, and will feature a gametype called Splat Zones. Unlike Turf War, which is available from the moment Splatoon is turned on, Splat Zones is unlockable only after reaching level 10 in the game’s online play. In additional modes like Splat Zones, rankings from C- to A+ will be awarded to players based on their performance, and Nintendo will track the global progress of players as they gain levels.

Splatoon 3 - Multiplayer Saltspray

But Splatoon isn’t just a multiplayer ink-fest, it also features an in-depth single-player mode in which players will explore the game’s unique world and eccentric characters. The single-player campaign has players exploring the underground base of the game’s antagonists, the octopi army known as the Octarians. Their formidable underground base consists of original stages which put players’ ink-splattering skills to the test. Players won’t have to tackle these levels with their ordinary arsenal either, as a variety of clever, specialized devices will be available to aid them. The single-player is designed specifically to improve players’ skills and mastery of techniques for online play, so they can attain highest ink-stained honors when they face off with players around the world.

Splatoon splashes exclusively onto the Wii U this May. For more information on the game, visit

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