Nintendo Weekly: New Releases for February 5th – February 12th 2015

This week’s weekly is a little low on AAA content, but lest you all forget that next week Nintendo shall truly be bringing the boom. Three huge titles are set to make a massive impact on the 3DS store, all of which will be detailed next time.

This week has some indie gems, which may or may not deserve your attention. Some classics make a welcome return and will hopefully provide older gamers with some good old Nintendo nostalgic joy.

Despite the vast amount available, it would not be a bad idea to hold out until next week unless you absolutely must relive those old memories from Dig Dug and Game & Watch 3. Hyrule Warriors fans can also get their hands on some brand new DLC for the Legend of Zelda-themed slasher. Finally, do not forget that the Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate demo has finally made its way to the eShop, which definitely deserves a download.

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Wii U owners do have a few choices this month, but the ones that might stand out are the classics, of which this month has a few. One new game which does stand out, however, is Paparazzi, which seems to have a real interesting take on the profession and looks to be a very fun party game. At the very least check out the Nintendo page for the game description and trailer.

If it’s the 3DS you have come here for, then you might be a little disappointed in this week’s offerings. With just three games available, it might be a good idea to hold out until next week when we can finally stop going on about the huge new releases which we will not mention. Majoras Mask, Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate and Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy. Ahem.


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