With thanks to Nintendo bringing Wii hits to the Wii U, those who missed out the first time round may find that the weekly eShop offerings are much better than before. Last week we had the forever loved Super Mario Galaxy 2, and this week we have Punch-Out!!. The popular boxing game makes its debut today on the store, coming in at the same price as last week’s Mario. For just $9.99, players will have access to yet another Wii classic.

Thing are again pretty quiet for 3DS players this week, but for now it would be advisable to take it as the calm before the storm.

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Wii U players should definitely take a look at Punch-Out!! if they are wanting something a little more violent than the usual, if not, however, then the likes of S.C.A.T might satisfy that itch for something from the past. On the 29th, though, we have Metroid Prime Trilogy coming to the eShop, and if you cannot afford one of the ridiculously high priced physical copies of the game, then the $9.99 price point should please you just fine. Yes, it is worth it.

Those on the 3DS, however, really should hold out this week, S.C.A.T also makes its way over to the handheld platform should you wish to play it on the go. Alternatively, Undead Storm Nightmare might be the zombie game you need. If you only have a few dollars to spare though, then it might be best to save them for the exciting releases coming next month.


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