Nintendo Weekly: New Releases for July 16 – July 21 2015

For a company that has every excuse to take a week off, Nintendo is doing a lot to provide for fans this week. From a big multiplayer event to some epic sales, Wii U owners have a lot to choose from to keep busy on this hot, hot weekend. As seems to be the trend with the later months of 2015, 3DS owners are getting slim pickings when it comes to new titles or engrossing events.

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Splatoon’s second Splatfest kicks off Friday evening, and if you’re like me you most likely missed the first because it was scheduled for Independence Day weekend. The Splatfest is a huge event that pits everyone on the Splatoon servers against each other, asked to pick between Team Roller Coasters and Team Water Slides. New weapons and maps were also just added to Splatoon, so if you’ve been out of the fray for a while, this might drag you back in. Let’s go Team Waterslide!

Wii U

  • Blaster Master, the NES cult classic, hits Wii U Virtual Console this week. The game features a wacky plot where you chase after your stolen pet frog.master blaster

Nintendo 3DS

  • The Epic Indie sale is still in swing, with huge deals up to 60% off. If you’re looking to grab a quick game for a cheap price, look no further.
  • Ubisoft also kicked off a summer sale recently, with games like Rayman Origins and Child of Light getting big price cuts.


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