Nintendo Weekly: New Releases for July 22 – July 28

This week shows off a strong selection of downloadable titles across both the 3DS and Wii U. For the first time in a while, 3DS users will have the opportunity to sink a great deal of time into a challenging, rewarding game – especially those who elected to upgrade to the New Nintendo 3DS XL earlier this year.


Our Recommendation

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is a remake/expansion of the instant classic flash title The Binding of Isaac. This new version features updated graphics, more playable characters, new enemies, bosses and items. The game is a punishing rouge-like and has been extremely popular on Steam in it’s short life. Rebirth is available on the Wii U and 3DS eShop, but you will need a New 3DS XL if you plan to play this one on the go.

Nintendo 3DS

Hitting the virtual console this week is 3D Streets of Rage 2. This title is a full remaster of the Sega classic, built from the ground up exclusively for the 3DS. The game is a hybrid of classic platforming action and 2D fighting games. It is available on the eShop on July 23.


Wii U

DK Jungle Climber is the latest Nintendo DS title to hit the Wii U virtual console. This title plays more like a puzzle game rather than a traditional Donkey Kong platformer, but if you missed it on the DS it might be worth replaying here.


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