Nintendo Weekly: New Releases for July 29 – August 4

Heading into August, Wii U owners have another great week to pick from some really cool downloadable titles. A few classic titles have been added  the Wii U eShop and both Splatoon and Super Smash Bros. are getting updates later this week. For the lack of a big retail this summer outside of May’s Splatoon, Nintendo have been doing a good job of keeping the Wii U stocked with appealing content. The 3DS, and its New model continue to be ignored, however.

Our Recommendation

To celebrate Kirby’s introduction on August 1, 1992 in Kirby’s Dream Land, three stellar Kirby games hit the eShop this week. You can’t go wrong in choosing from Kirby’s Squeak Squad (DS), Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (N64) or Return to Dream Land (Wii).


Wii U

  • Badland, an original physics-heavy side-scroller is getting a Game of the Year edition available this week. The new version features co-op maps and stunning visuals.

Nintendo 3DS

  • Xeodrifter is an interstellar shooter from the creators of Mutant Mudds, featuring fast-paced gameplay and a heavy emphasis on exploration. This title supports cross-buy, meaning those who pick up the 3DS version can download it on Wii U and vice-versa.

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