Nintendo Weekly: New Releases for July 9 – July 14 2015

There are a lot of team-based, exciting ways to play coming to Nintendo consoles very soon. The second Splatfest is scheduled for next week and will pit Team Waterslide against Team Rollercoaster. If you missed the first one, make sure to hop in and support your team of choice. Also, Club Miiverse has picked up for its second year and you can upload screenshots of games like Splatoon, Mario Kart 8 and Animal Crossing: New Leaf to support either Team Yoshi or Team Toad.

Our Recommendation

The classic N64 title Mario Tennis hit the Wii U Virtual Console, one of the original and greatest Mario sports titles. The game boasts a sweet roster, tight gameplay and comes equipped with the classic multiplayer modes.

Wii U

  • The Epic Indie Sale is in full swing, featuring the number of Nindie titles shown off at E3. Pick up some smaller, independent titles for up to 60% this week!

Nintendo 3DS

  • Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth is on sale from ATLUS this week. The popular role-playing spinoff launched last October, so fans eager to pick up a new addition in the series will be happy to grab it for 40% off this week only.

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