Nintendo: Wii Got Netflix Too!

It’s official, the setup discs required to run Netflix on the Wii are shipping today!  I got my e-mail notice from Netflix this morning explaining that my disc will arrive tomorrow, April 13th.  I really hope the install isn’t a pain in the arse, but I’m sure it won’t be as easy as the Netflix setup on the Xbox 360.  I guess that’s why Microsoft charges $50 bucks a year for its on-line service.  To make things simple stupid!

I’m sure on the Wii I’ll have to tap my head while I rub my belly to begin the Netflix setup all while entering some numeric code with my feet, but hopefully it’s not too painful.  Once I get my disc and can try it out I’ll report on the hoops I had to jump through for it to work.  If you’re interested in getting your free setup disc click on this link to begin the process.

You’ve been enlightened…


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