Nintendo’s Newest Zelda Game Confirmed for the 3DS



It has been confirmed that the game will take place in the same universe at 1992’s SNES hit, A Link to the Past. Claims of another Nintendo rehash of a classic game have already been silenced, however, as the developers have promised that the yet-untitled Zelda game will retain the core elements of the beloved series while having a completely original story and new dungeons to boot.

Gamplay footage is understandably scarce at the moment, but from what has been released, the game seems to capitalize on the 3D capabilities of Nintendo’s handheld. Players will utilize the 3DS to progress through the puzzles within each dungeon, as well as advance through platforming sections.

The most interesting feature shown so far is Link’s ability to transform into a picture-like version of himself (seen above), allowing him to traverse along walls in a decidedly two dimensional way.

Nintendo’s announcement of the new Zelda hitting shelves in time for holiday purchases will certainly draw even more attention to the ever-growing 3DS market. Capitalizing on the handheld’s built in 3D technology and Nintendo’s love for innovation will surely make for an adventure not easily forgotten.

Be sure to check back with us for more updates on the new Legend of Zelda as details continue to come out.


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