We’ve already ranked Sony’s top five moments from E3, as well as Microsoft’s (and from the entire show), so it’s time to break down the best reveals and demos shown by Nintendo. While the major Japanese video game maker opted to not hold an E3 press conference for the third straight year, and relied on some sort of puppet show to deliver its E3 2015 updates, Nintendo still had more than a few impressive reveals and updates on some of its previously announced titles. I wouldn’t say Nintendo blew the minds off of gamers like Sony and Microsoft did, but for its core demographic and superfans across the globe, there were more than a few announcements to get excited about.

Head on down below to find out the top five moments from Nintendo’s E3 2015! Feel free to leave your own top five lists in the comment section towards the end of the post.

5) Nintendo Crosses Over with the Skylanders Franchise


It was surprising to see that Nintendo and Activision partnered together for the next Skylanders game, mostly because Amiibos are more or less based on the concept of toys being ported into video games through a magical device, but the two companies made a deal to bring two Nintendo characters to Skylanders Superchargers. Turbo Charge Donkey Kong and Hammer Slam Bowser will be exclusive to the Wii U, Wii, and 3DS versions of Superchargers, and they’ll also be useable with certain Amiibo supported titles, so you essentially get two platforms to use these new figures with, giving Nintendo’s platforms a slight edge for the next Skylanders game.

4) Multiple Wii U Titles Slated for a 2015 Release


Nintendo revealed four new titles for the Wii U, and they’re all coming to the console later this fall, giving fans more than enough Wii U games to look forward to in 2015. The New Star Fox, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Super Mario Maker, and Yoshi’s Wooly World will all be released before the year is up. The first party titles all look like they ooze the Nintendo goodness that so many fans of the brand crave, while the third party exclusives also look very tempting, especially Star Fox Zero.

3) New Multiplayer Zelda for 3Ds and other Mobile Releases


The power of the Zelda brand is strong, which is why Nintendo keeps pumping out entries for it like a champ. Triforce Heroes will offer gamers the same awesome visual palette first presented in A Link Between Worlds, while also allowing them to play with two other players at the same time thanks to its co-op capabilities. What’s even better is that the game is set to ship this holiday season, so it’s not like Zelda fans will have to wait a long time to get their hands on some co-op dungeon action.

The Animal Crossing and Metroid Prime franchises are also getting 3DS releases, and the latter will also support co-op with up to six other players depending on the mode you play. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer will also offer fans of the franchise a new way to play thanks to the game’s focus on building homes for the residents of your town rather than only curating your own dwelling.

2) Brand New Star Fox Announced


Star Fox Zero made a surprising debut during Nintendo’s E3 online presser, and continued to draw large crowds on the show floor. It’s unique use of the Wii U gamepad will give fans of the franchise a whole new way to play thanks to the cockpit view it provides, which is juxtaposed against the action taking place on the TV screen to give gamer’s a more immersive cinematic experience. The fact that this new Star Fox game is releasing this year is what makes its reveal even more awesome.

1) 8-bit Mario and Wooly Yoshi Amiibos Plus Full New Line Revealed


I don’t own a single Amiibo, not because I dislike them, but rather because I have a problem when it comes to collectibles in terms of spending way too much cash on them, so I’ve avoided Nintendo’s figures for monetary and space reasons. With that being said I’m probably going to break my boycott thanks to the reveal of the 8-bit Mario Amiibos, as well as the ultra charming Wooly Yoshi. There’s just something about these two new Amiibos that screams “MUST OWN!,” and based on the images below it’s hard not to understand why.

The full new line also has a few great figures such as the Animal Crossing line, the new Smash Bros. figures, especially the classic Duck Hunt and R.O.B. Amiibos, as well as metallic looking Chibi-Robo. There’s a good chance I’ll grab a few of these new Amiibos too, which is why I found their reveal, in addition to the 8-bit Mario and Wooly Yoshi figures, to be the best moment from Nintendo’s E3 2015.


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