Nioh’s Feudal Horror Shines in New Screenshots

Nioh doesn’t shy away from mixing folklore into its feudal Japanese setting.

The game’s latest batch of screenshots show that there’s much more than cold steel to fear when exploring the dark locations of Nioh. Oni demons and deadly youkai spirits are featured prominently in the new assets, serving as a sampling of some of the horrors to expect from Nioh.

There’s a strong mixture of raw beauty and the otherwordly in Nioh’s new screenshots. Katanas and matchlock rifles mingle with guardian spirits and haunting, sublime sunsets. Nioh’s got an art direction that’s all its own.

Luckily, challenge-loving gamers won’t have to wait until Nioh releases to see if they can take on these intimidating foes. Publisher Koei Tecmo announced that a second Nioh demo will be available in August.

Stay tuned for more Nioh news.


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