No Man’s Sky Trailer Emphasizes Trade

No Man’s Sky seems like a would-be explorer’s dream come true. With an unfathomable amount of planets to explore and the constant allure of the unknown, the open-universe structure of No Man’s Sky has a certain allure. It makes sense that the game has been hyped beyond all reasonable belief, if only for the fact that it’s hard to really comprehend just what can be done in the game.

As No Man’s Sky marches towards an early August release, Sony’s YouTube Channel has been uploading a number of brief videos that detail some of the activities that players will be able to engage in.

The latest video focuses on No Man’s Sky’s economic elements. Trading, as the trailer alludes to, is an integral part of the No Man’s Sky experience. “Every trade tells a story,” the trailer claims, and if the video is anything to go off of, that might just be true. Minerals and resources can be found throughout the player’s journey through the universe. Sometimes, it seems, exotic and highly in-demand materials can be found, allowing players to wheel and deal for other items that they might sorely need.

The No Man’s Sky trade video is a short one, but at least it hones in on a single aspect of the game. Even with a few weeks to go until No Man’s Sky releases, it’s about time that the minute-to-minute gameplay of Hello Games’ mysterious title gets hammered home.

No Man’s Sky will be available on August 9.


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